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Headteachers in most educational settings are having to juggle budget cuts, staff retention, staff absence (frequently due to stress or mental health problems) as well as provide a seamless teaching service to the school’s pupils.

77% of teaching staff reported experiencing mental health issues in the past academic year, according to the Teacher Wellbeing Index. 1 in 5 teachers have experienced panic attacks in the last academic year. The report found that a growing number of teachers have reported behavioural, psychological or physical symptoms – including panic attacks, anxiety, depression, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, forgetfulness, overeating and tearfulness – as a result of pressures they face at work.

In today’s world of uncertainty and working in an environment of budget restraints and cuts, everyone needs to be the best version that they can be, and more importantly, stand head and shoulders above the crowd. That applies from the Headteacher to the most junior of support staff. Coaching can help individuals tap into their full potential which in turn will increase business productivity. Coaching is transforming people in educational settings, no matter how large or small.

Is your school just ticking over, the SLT and staff putting in long hours and staff are feeling drained and tired most of the time? After an initial free consultation, a bespoke coaching solution is designed to suit your schools needs either on a 1-2-1 basis or through a programme of workshops suitable for twilight sessions or inset days.

The benefits of coaching to the school
  1. Reduction in sickness absence and prevention of supply teacher costs
  2. Improved staff retention
  3. Promotes full use of employee’s talents / potential
  4. Greater working relationships with staff, pupils and parents
  5. Improved individual’s performance / productivity
  6. Demonstrates the schools commitment to staff and their development
  7. Staff feel more motivated and valued
  8. Facilitates the adoption of change in management style and cultural change
The benefits of coaching to the employee
  1. Increased levels of emotional and mental resilience
  2. Develop and enhance personal performance
  3. Improved confidence and self-drive
  4. An openness to new ideas and challenges
  5. Increased levels of commitment to teaching
  6. Better communication skills
  7. Higher levels of motivation and energy
  8. Shared vision and commitment
  9. Greater self-awareness and improved levels of responsibility
"Everyone appreciated your introduction of valuing teaching staff currently"

All our staff thoroughly enjoyed the Positively Managing Worry session.  After the session three staff asked to join other schools as they couldn’t make our school allotted session, so staff must of feedback positively to each other. All enjoyed the sessions and found them to be ‘useful’.  They feedback that some have made use of some of the strategies already, and we have agreed to gentle remind one another to do so in the future.   Many found the session time to be right – 40 minutes and reported that it was a calm and peaceful experience.  Many enjoyed you sharing personal experience or relating to yourself as helpful.   Everyone appreciated your introduction of valuing teaching staff currently.

Cathy Horton, Headteacher, Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School
Workshops for staff

To support the mental and emotional wellbeing of your staff and improve their resilience in stressful times, why not consider introducing bite-size sessions. The take-away tips and techniques, when put into practice, will assist staff to be more resourceful and flourish. When staff have put these techniques into practice, sickness absence and presenteeism are reduced, and it is proven that staff are 18% more productive when happy. These sessions can be delivered individually, or combined to half and full day events. Delivery can be in-house or virtual.
Topics include;

Workshops for Young People
To support the mental and emotional wellbeing of your pupils, why not consider introducing a bite-size workshops. The take-away tips and techniques, when put into practice, will assist pupils to be more resilient, resourceful and enable them to flourish. These sessions are ideal for delivering virtually with any handouts being emailed out as attachments. The workshops below are ideal for over achievers, as well as those students with low levels of self-belief and aspirations;
"Helen has worked passionately with our schools encouraging a positive mind-set, promoting wellbeing and resilience"

I first met Helen in 2018 when she attended our Principals’ meeting following some work she had undertaken at one of our primary schools.  I was very impressed by her personal and professional approach to supporting individuals.  Helen has since provided group workshops to our pupils and staff, always taking into account the needs of her audience.  She has also provided tailor-made 1-2-1 sessions to support both pupils and staff who have struggled with their emotional or mental wellbeing.  Helen has worked passionately with our schools encouraging a positive mind-set, promoting wellbeing and resilience.  As a result of Helen’s work, targeted pupils have developed in terms of their personal and academic achievement.  Additionally, staff wellbeing has improved and absence reduced due to the support offered and practical strategies that have been implemented.

In conclusion, Helen is a wonderful resource who contributes significantly to the mental health and wellbeing policy that we value so greatly in our multi-academy.  It is a pleasure to have her working across our Trust and I recommend her without reservation.

Steve Bell, Chief Executive Officer, The Painsley Catholic Academy
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