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Life Coaching

Do you want to improve your “lot in life”? Are you trying to get ahead in your career with little success? Has your personal life become routine? Are you starting to feel weary, tired, exhausted and stressed, as though life does not have much to offer? Do you want an opportunity to build on your potential to develop personally, to set and achieve goals and make positive changes in your life – but just not sure where to find help?

Coaching can assist you in being the best that you can be in both your career and your family life. Providing you with an opportunity to gain insights into what really motivates you, understand what values you place on achieving your ambitions in life and helping you realise your full potential.

"A few months on and the things Helen has taught me have stuck with me. My life is completely different now but most importantly so am I. I am so much more positive and happier."

Before attending my first session with Helen, I was extremely sceptical. I am not one for talking about my feelings and deepest, darkest thoughts and I honestly thought that I would hate sitting in a room with a stranger talking about me. My personal circumstances were pretty rubbish at the time and I knew that nobody could change the situation. It was what it was so what was the point in wasting hours of my time talking to somebody about something that couldn’t be changed? I also worried deeply about the confidentiality, not wanting anybody to know anything and worrying about the impact it would have on me if anybody found about what I needed to talk about.

How wrong I was! I needn’t have worried about any of those things! As I walked into my first session, I was extremely nervous and very guarded. Helen picked up on this straight away and responded to my body language and obvious discomfort in a reassuring manner. She was not condescending at all and spoke to me in a matter of fact way but with kindness in her voice and eyes. As I attended more sessions I started to relax and this was completely down to her expertise. She completed several exercises with me with some being more successful than others. But never did she make me feel like I was a failure because something hadn’t had the desired impact. In fact, she used this as a learning curve for me and showed me how I could tweak things to work better. Her knowledge was amazing. It didn’t matter what I said or did, she was able to help me look at things with a different perspective. I am sure I must have been quite frustrating at times but never did that show in her work with me – she was ever patient, ever reassuring and ever positive. The actual advice she gave me was brilliant. Only little things to try but they had such a big impact on me despite my misgivings.

A few months on and the things Helen has taught me have stuck with me. My life is completely different now but most importantly so am I. I am so much more positive and happier. I also have a handful of tools to help me when things start to get tricky or when I feel negative self-talk creeping in. I am so glad that I walked into that office – it has honestly helped me to become me again.

K Clews, Personal

One to one coaching

Coaching could give you a new direction, help you feel more energetic and less stressed, leaving you feeling more in control and confident about your life.

After an initial free consultation, a bespoke coaching programme is designed to suit you. Coaching sessions can be arranged within business hours, evenings or weekends. Sessions can be conducted at our premises in Staffordshire, and can vary from approximately one hour, with half and full breakthrough day sessions being optional.

Coaching can assist in other aspects of your life – also see Health & Wellbeing

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