Hear from the people i’ve helped

Hear about the difference I’ve made to so many lives, in so many ways, from the people I’ve supported on their journey through so many walks of life. Employees suffering with stress, depression, anxiety, or who have suffered a bereavement that have needed time off work. Teenagers struggling with angst and examination worries. Returning soldiers and veterans adapting to civilian life. Business leaders and educational teams undergoing uncertainty and constant change management. Transforming teams from responding to mental health issues, to understanding them and practising good mental health techniques to their own, and their organisation’s benefit.

Here are the thoughts of the people I’ve supported.

Helen really helped me to reduce my negative thoughts and put a positive spin on them. As an 18 year old I was under a lot of different stresses from college, relationships and just moving into adulthood but Helen’s methods enabled me to be able to calm myself in stressful situations, to tackle the roots of my issues and to have a more positive and beneficial mindset moving forward into the next chapter of my life. I would recommend Helen’s coaching for anyone and I have specifically found the ‘What If…’ method useful.

Annabel Taylor

Great first session. Really enjoyable and put me in a positive frame of mind for the rest of the day and days to follow now that I have some new techniques. Thank you Torus for organising these and the other 13 sessions to come.
I found Helen very soothing. She put me at ease from the off and whilst an online group session (which can often feel impersonal), Helen made the session feel very personal.
Helen was very positive, charismatic and engaging throughout the session. Very personable by sharing own stories and you feel you are in a trusted environment.
Helen delivered the session in a very informative easy to understand way. Helen is very easy on the ear and you just listen.
It was excellent workshop – one of the best

Various Staff comments
Torus Housing Association, Liverpool

Helen delivered a series of workshops to both our Senior Leadership Team as well as all the staff. Her training is thought provoking and encourages reflection and challenges fixed mindsets. Our staff have now become more open to thinking about how we cope with our own mental health to ensure we can do our best for our students.

Linda Williams
Headteacher Abbey Hulton Primary School

My son has suffered with depression and bouts of anger due to unresolved trauma for a large part of his life. Over the last few months I had become increasingly concerned for his mental well-being after witnessing recent outbursts of anger followed by long periods of silence.  Medical intervention had been of very little help and as a mother I felt helpless. Helens’ number was given to me by someone who had used her services and couldn’t praise her enough.

My son has recently finished his coaching with Helen and is a changed man. He tells me Helen is a wonderful lady who has changed his outlook. He now feels positive and optimistic about life.

If anyone is suffering with mental health issues or knows someone that is please contact Helen. She really can make a difference.

Irene Moffatt

Working with Helen creates a warmth and understanding not usually associated within the macho and military arena the Forces Transition Group work within. The careful interaction with those leaving the Armed Forces takes skill, real consideration and above all absolute dedication to understanding each individual and what they may have gone through or may be living in the moment. I can’t believe with little military background, how much you perfected the two hour webinar, this is a skill!!! Without doubt, I would recommend Helen as being an enormously special person, hugely talented in her field but with a genuine feeling that allows you to be drawn in. The FTG are proud to be associated with Helen and will be searching as we grow for the partnership together, that will certainly make a difference and change many lives.

John Stephenson
Owner Forces Transition Group

Thanks very much for this morning, I had a bottom set Y11 class and they’re generally quite dis-engaged but they listened intently and with concentration, you don’t often see from them. I think the real positive of the session for them was you hooked them in with your story and they were genuinely interested in your career progression. Hopefully, they took some good stuff from it! 

You’re right what you say about things being difficult currently, I don’t think the students fully comprehend how serious things are right now which only creates an added stress for the staff.   Something that’s really stuck with me from your session as well ‘The only thing standing in the way of what you want or what you want to do…is you’ 

Jonathan Maskrey
Discovery Academy

As Head of Year 11, myself and Mrs Davies would like to thank you for this really informative and interesting session. The students in my class found it very useful. 

Miss R Luby
Discovery Academy

Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group have recently asked Helen to provide her self-help workshops in association with our brand new online Virtual Work Experience programme. Helen was more than happy to get involved to help prepare our students for the world of work and pass on her plethora of knowledge. 

Helen is professional, enthusiastic and engaging, and we know our students are in the best hands. We highly recommend Helen and we will certainly be contacting her again in the future.   

Emma Podmore
Industry Placement Co-ordinator Newcastle & Stafford Colleges Group

Power of Visualisation

  • Since the start of the pandemic, we all need to attend this session! What breathe of fresh air.
  • I liked the mixture of the taught and the practical. Handouts and slides were very good.
  • I have practiced visualisation in the past and this session gave me new insights and energy.
  • I was very impressed and found some ways to integrate the practice into my working and personal life.
Delegates from University of Liverpool

Thank you for the How to Achieve a Calmer Life session today it was interesting and useful.

I truly understand the importance of keeping calm.

I feel this had made me look at ways and the importance of ways to calm situations, excellent course.

Helpful tips that will be easy to actually use – thank you.

Thank you for the course too it has been great.

Really good, thank you so much.

Love the knuckle exercise – I’ll be using that.

Thank you for the session – very informative. I will try out some of the strategies you have suggested.

Staff from Newcastle & Stafford College Group