Hear from the people i’ve helped

Hear about the difference I’ve made to so many lives, in so many ways, from the people I’ve supported on their journey through so many walks of life. Employees suffering with stress, depression, anxiety, or who have suffered a bereavement that have needed time off work. Teenagers struggling with angst and examination worries. Returning soldiers and veterans adapting to civilian life. Business leaders and educational teams undergoing uncertainty and constant change management. Transforming teams from responding to mental health issues, to understanding them and practising good mental health techniques to their own, and their organisation’s benefit.

Here are the thoughts of the people I’ve supported.

I have just completed three x 2 hour sessions with Helen and have been amazed and thoroughly impressed by how much we covered and the progress I have made. Helen has a real talent for understanding the genuine needs of her clients and then tailoring her approach and the tools shes uses to meet and exceed all expectations. If you want to help and a truly empathetic facilitator to guide your growth and development than Helen is a first class choice to make. Thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile investment in my personal growth. Thanks you Helen.

Mark Pringle

I recently attended an online workshop ran by Helen titled ‘Less Stress More Success’, this session was aimed at military personnel leaving the services. On reflection, it was clear that the content and method of delivery are very much for anyone leaving the services or for those already discharged. Throughout the Webinar, Helen shared some really powerful techniques delivered with clear and effective advice. I felt empowered by this session, and it has given me the confidence to take control of my journey and choose my path. As a recently qualified Master NLP Practitioner exiting from the forces in next month, I can say hand on heart that Helen took the sometimes complex nature of Coaching and NLP, and created a simplistic, effective, and rapport-building session. Enhanced with effective explanation and guided meditation, Helen created an environment that I could have stayed and listened to for a lot longer. I have experienced several trainers over the last two years, and Helen is definitely up there with the top ones I’ve worked with. I would definitely recommend Helen in assisting a breakthrough with any individual.

Paul Brenton
Functional Skills Tutor at the Military Preparation College (MPC) Gloucester

I would highly recommend Helen to anyone that wishes to seek counselling, I suggest holding off on the waiting list and waste of money and get in touch with Helen Dos Santos her life coaching and therapeutic sessions work so much better than counselling for any issue that you are suffering through life, she is friendly, caring and a very good listener, the help I have received from her in the last 2 sessions has help me understand myself so much more now and I have managed to handle the problems I was suffering with, through her guidance I have managed to get to the root cause of my issues and has given me the techniques to suppress and control them. She has been amazing and her therapy techniques are second to none and is worth more than any counselling. Thank you Helen for everything and I will keep in touch.

Daniel Flitcroft
British Army, Network Engineer

I myself am a veteran of eight years & have struggled with my mental health for many years. During this time I have gone to extreme lengths to seek help, unfortunately a lot of the time it’s not been the help that was suited to my situation. Once I was recommended to Horizons Coaching I was of course apprehensive as previous NHS provided help wasn’t beneficial, soon as I sat down with Helen she gave me an opportunity to unload & unburden all of my pain, we then went through an intense & and overwhelming few sessions to help me recover & utilise different methods to aid me whenever I’m struggling. I have much to thank of Helen as it’s the best I’ve felt in many years after only a few sessions. Would happily recommend to anyone especially ex service personnel who just need to be asked the right questions.

Ben Tomkinson
Armed forces veteran

Just wanted to say how grateful I am with the support and guidance you have provided me through this tough time. You have given me the strength, knowledge and techniques to use in my day to day life to overcome any obstacles with ease. Before I came to you I struggled daily with not knowing or understanding how I could deal with situations but you have helped me enormously and taught me how to address this in a positive way of which I can’t thank you enough. Not only have you helped me to look at life in a positive way, but it has also had a ripple affect with the people around me who are also looking at situations in a different way with a more positive attitude. The techniques you used have changed my life. I will use these throughout my life time and I will never forget what you did for me . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ben Frazer

The DiSC Workplace Profile training that Helen from Horizons Coaching delivered for us was a real eye-opener for our whole senior leadership team.
During the weeks leading up to our training day with Helen, a high percentage of the team were uninterested and sceptical. However, the sceptics soon changed their stance and this was clearly apparent from the positive engagement shown by the whole team. The sceptics were actually the ones that engaged the most throughout the training day.
The Workplace Profiles that were completed by Helen for each of us were so accurate, which being a C style myself, was very important. The content contained in the individual profiles created, will definitely be utilised by us moving forward as a tool to ensure we maximise our potential as individuals and as a company.
Based on the positive feedback from our senior leadership team, we highly recommend the DiSC training services provided by Helen to all businesses. We believe this style of training would be extremely beneficial to our valued front-line staff too, so moving forward, we will be engaging with Helen again to utilise her inspirational skill set and experience for our employees.
Thank you, Helen, we all thoroughly enjoyed your training package and look forward to working with you again soon.

Stefan Northfield
Senior Associate Director Black Onyx Concepts

The DISC training required honest self-reflection by all members of the central team which then provided us with an invaluable opportunity to analyse, share and compare the detailed analysis of our personal profiles. This gave an invaluable insight into how individual colleagues could work even better together and has helped to galvanise the newly-established team. For long-serving leaders, the DISC training presents a current analysis of leadership styles and traits; this incites interesting and essential comparisons from previous leadership profiles, (with some surprising results!) I would recommend this training for senior leadership teams who are prepared to fully engage – openly and honestly- by reflecting upon their own leadership styles and behaviours, for the benefit of the team. Can’t wait for the next session with the Head and their senior leaders.

Margaret Yates (Hon. Dr Univ; NLE)
Chief Executive Officer All Saints Catholic Collegiate

I can’t really put in to words how much Helen has helped me change my life.

When we met, I was desolate.  Following a forced change of job role, and without any escape plan, I felt unable to cope with even the most basic everyday tasks. Helen listened intently to my fears, concerns and aspirations, without judgement or criticism. The methods she used helped me to see a way out of the darkness, instilling in me a newfound confidence and drive which had been hidden for years.  Just a few weeks after our second session, I now find myself in my ‘dream’ job role, with employers who demonstrate compassion and consideration for their employees.

I am eternally grateful to Helen for helping me realise my true worth.


I would highly recommend working with Helen Dos Santos. Our Senior Leadership Team participated in her course exploring the DiSC profiling.

Identifying what I think my strengths are and areas that I would like to strengthen through key words gave me the opportunity to reflect on my character and leadership. The DiSC profile was extremely personal and enlightening. It shared my strengths, character and personality traits, identified through a questionnaire. Sharing these with the team and gaining a stronger understanding of their DiSC profile enabled the opportunity to understand how and why others work in the way they do.

The training gave me the opportunity to think about the wider community of staff and how I could develop my working relationship with them. Throughout the sessions, Helen prompted with reflective questions and provided an environment that was relaxed and supportive.

Having the opportunity to put myself in others shoes was powerful in supporting understanding of different profiles. I would highly recommend working with Helen to develop leadership skills.

Lisa Hadgett
Deputy Headteacher/SENCO Trentham Academy

The DiSC profiling leadership training we received in the Central Leadership Team of our MAT enabled us to work more closely and effectively as a team, considering our individual and group behaviour traits. Helen played an integral role in supporting knowledge gathering regarding our communication styles as individuals and as a team. She helped us understand how we can effectively work together to meet shared and common goals. As we work with a large number of other professionals, including a variety of post holders, the DiSC profiling provided us with a list of our own traits and qualities we could reflect upon, considering how these could be received by other individuals. Having the opportunity to watch videos, which Helen supported us to evaluate, helped exemplify how leadership teams communicate effectively, considering the different behaviours and personality styles of others. Helen used a variety of methods, including role-play activities, to help us practise how we should communicate with other professionals. We have since reflected on the training and put this into practice; this has resulted in the successful consideration of other leadership styles during our team meetings and has supported with us communicating effectively with other members of our MAT. I would recommend Helen’s DiSC profiling training to any team wishing to explore how to work more effectively as a collaborative group to meet shared goals. 

Lisa Sarikaya
Chief Executive Officer St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust

Success Story - Vaibhav Vadera

Less Stress, More Success

Do you find there are not enough hours in the day, frustrated that we never get to the bottom of our ‘To Do’ list?  With 80% of employees feeling stressed at work, explore and recognise the causes of stress.  Gain take-away tools to improve your time management skills, plan your day with ease and learn how and when to say No!

How to achieve a calmer life & cope with challenges.

Explore what hinders us from feeling calm and why, and gain an insight into the 4 C’s of mental wealth, Chaos, Control, Choice & Calm.   Gain a true understanding of the benefits of remaining calm.  Learn self-help techniques and top tips to achieve a sense of calm in your life and address challenges in a positive manner.

Positively Manage Worr-ease

Did you know 97% of what we worry about never even happens?  Consider the negative affects fear and worry have on us emotionally and mentally, as well as identify types of worry.   Learn new strategies to manage our worrying thoughts in an empowering way, along with controlling some of our self-talk to enable us to feel positive.

Sleep Well, Feel Great.

On average we spend 33 years in bed – but how much of that is good quality sleep?  The benefits of sleeping well ensure greater concentration and focus, high energy levels and improved health.  Gain an understanding of the science of sleep, what cause disruption to our sleep pattern and gain strategies to promote a better quality sleep.   Finish off with a short guided mindfulness session.

Spring Clean Your Thinking

Explore how our negative thinking impacts on us in this fun session.  Discover ways of demolishing and re-setting some of our old thinking patterns which may no longer serve us any purpose.  Achieve more confidence and empowerment by making some simple changes to our thought process

Manage Your Emotions

Based on The Sedona Method, learn a unique way for making positive changes and gain an insight to the simple process of releasing underlying emotions that hold you back.  Become a master of your mind and emotions, then develop the art of the “release technique” or letting go.  Simple, fast & effective in order to achieve calmness. 

Press Pause, Live Well.

Recognise what causes us to feel stressed and learn more about the signs and symptoms to understand the impact on our health.   Gain self-help tips to manage stress in order to achieve a greater balance in life.  Develop an awareness of Havening Techniques® to relax and build longer lasting resilience.

The Impact of Words – Mind Your Language!

Our language holds massive power to manifest change. Words can either be empowering and encouraging or destructive and damaging.  Gain a deeper understanding of just how powerful our “language” is and the impact of the words we use with our self-talk and when speaking to others.   With an understanding of the latest neuroscience delegates will learn techniques that will help them get the best out of themselves as well as build engaging and positive relationships with others.

MAD (Making A Difference) about Mental Health at work

This session is targeted at Senior Leaders, Managers & Team Supervisors, in fact anyone with responsibility for staff.    Through this session we explore why mental health is important, and gain awareness of the impact on an individual suffering with mental health issues.  Managers will feel more confident about how to start a conversation and what they can say, how to say it and what NOT to say. 

The Power of Visualisation

Visualisation – seeing the goal as already complete in your mind’s eye – is a core technique used by the world’s most successful people. Visualisation is effective because it harnesses the power of our subconscious mind, activating the creative powers of the subconscious mind, motivating it to work harder at creating solutions. You’ll also notice new levels of motivation and find yourself doing things that normally you would avoid, but that will take you closer to success.

I’m Possible verses Impossible

Beliefs are nothing more than a thought – often holding us back.  This belief change session provides 6 simple steps to greater self- fulfilment and success.  Our beliefs can either destroy or enrich our life.  Unhelpful beliefs hinder our ability to achieve our desires and goals.  These simple steps help you tap into your resourcefulness, to shine and flourish in life.

Digital Detox

Are we losing our ability to know who we are and what’s important to us?  Understand the addictive affects over exposure to the digital world has on our health, and explore techniques to make better choices in managing information overload.  Make smart choices that enable us to take control of our lives in a healthier way.

Pause & Relax

Say thank you to your staff and give them an hour to experience and learn anti-stress & relaxation techniques.  Understand the importance of taking time out for ourselves, still the mind, relax the body and learn how this can be achieved through breathe work, visualisation, Havening Techniques® and guided mindfulness.  All of which can be self-applied after the session and have great health benefits.

Mindfulness – a mental spa break

Experience a half hour guided mindfulness session to still the traffic in our minds.  This ancient practise is known to improve sleep, relieve stress and regulate our emotions.   It also increases mental clarity, improves concentration and boosts our working memory.  Along with smoothing gentle music this session creates and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Powerful Thinking Everyday

Gain an awareness of our most powerful tool in the world – our brain.  Learn the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind, how to unlock the brain’s hidden power and how use this to our advantage.   Not only will this assist in encouraging more positive thinking, you will can more focus and reduce stress.

Dreams do come True

Ever wondered why 92% of people do not achieve their goals?  Join the 8% that are achievers by exploring, in this fun session, how goals can be achieved through combining various Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques in goal setting accompanied with visualisation and the creation of a Vision Board.  All of which will get you what you want in life.