Hear from the people i’ve helped

Hear about the difference I’ve made to so many lives, in so many ways, from the people I’ve supported on their journey through so many walks of life. Employees suffering with stress, depression, anxiety, or who have suffered a bereavement that have needed time off work. Teenagers struggling with angst and examination worries. Returning soldiers and veterans adapting to civilian life. Business leaders and educational teams undergoing uncertainty and constant change management. Transforming teams from responding to mental health issues, to understanding them and practising good mental health techniques to their own, and their organisation’s benefit.

Here are the thoughts of the people I’ve supported.

I do thoroughly enjoy your workshops, they provide exactly what is needed without us fully appreciating that it is actually what we all need.  It never feels like therapy or a workshop, rather a wake-up call to realisation and empowers you with opportunity and the urge to want to believe there are other ways of bringing out the best of any situation or circumstances you may find yourself in, currently, to be able to be happier in life.

Teri Alder
Expert Citizens

I look forward to my mindfulness session every Friday it’s been a real help to my personal well-being after a long week working in the new normal.  I need to make and take that time for myself, and having the opportunity to take part in these sessions has really benefited me, in fact when we come out of lockdown I will be carrying them on and I really do recommend people take part.

Darren Murinas
Chief Executive Expert Citizens CIC

Thank you for the Sleep Well, Feel Great session. Good tips for tonight to try out.
Thank you for the relaxing session
Feeling Very relaxed
Really enjoyed the techniques, a nice end to a very busy day. Thank you
Great session and full of practical tips – thanks
Thank you very useful
Refreshed. Thank you. I’ll be trying this again
Very relaxed after the music
Very calm thank you
Thank you Helen. An interesting session. Take care
Thank you it was lovely – you have a very calming voice
Really appreciate your time. Thank you.

Staff from Painsley North Primary Schools

Thank you very much for the Positively Managing worry session that you gave to St Dominic’s and St John’s staff.  It was very well received and all comments from staff were positive.

Some staff found the session very peaceful and reflective commenting that it had provided them with the opportunity to take time for themselves and to begin to think of positive, personal ways forward.  They have since told me that they have been trying to adopt some of the ideas you gave them and consciously taking some time and control to manage their worries.

Two staff found the session positive but also a little unsettling as they had been “forging forward” during the crisis up until that point and not taking time/having the opportunity for reflection or to contemplate the enormity of the situation. They felt a little unsettled/upset during the session but recognised that it was positive for them that they had begun to consider what they had been avoiding.

Dianne Stoke
Headteacher St Dominic's Primary

Fantastic session Helen on Sleep Well, Feel Great.  Many useful tools to work with Staff within the academies that I support.

Thanks Helen for a fantastic session.  Some of the ideas I also have seen before but I think during lockdown is the perfect time to try to consolidate them as better habits.  Having the time to use them consistently has been the problem in the past.

Thank you very much for your time Helen and thought provoking presentation – much appreciated

Thank you Helen.  Much appreciated!

Thank you very much, very helpful!

Awesome session thanks Helen

Thank you for an insightful session

Thank you Helen for this you have given me a lot of strategies that will help myself and others.

Thank you Helen!!! Really helpful.

Staff at Co-op Academies across the UK

Thanks for the Power of Visualisation session – it was brilliant.  I found it very positive and uplifting and has helped me feel better about myself during this very difficult time.  Following it with a mindfulness session made a great start to my weekend.

Marguerite Castille
Voices of Stoke

“I felt totally relaxed after the Press Pause, Live Well session.  Next time I will endeavour to be at home so I can lie on the floor and treat it as a yoga chill out”

“I just wanted to say thank you to the maths hub for organising. It was just what I needed after what’s been a challenging and mentally draining term.”

Mrs G. White
Maths Hub Lead/D of E Manager Painsley Sixth Form

Pause & Relax with Havening session 

There has been so much information in the press & on the TV recently about the need to keep ourselves fit, whilst we are all still in the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and restrictions, that I recently saw an advertisement via FaceBook for an online relaxation session…. “Time to pause and relax”, which included Havening, from Horizons Coaching, with Helen Dos Santos.

Now I had never heard of “havening”, but thought given the restrictions being faced and feeling like I really did need to unwind and relax, coupled with the fact of being fed up with all the other “bodily” energetic keep-fit messages & online sessions, I decided to sign up for the event which was being delivered by Helen at Horizons Coaching, in the hope that it would give me mental relaxation.

Well this was an amazing session, and really did allow me to pause for thought. The information which Helen gave, coupled with the demonstrations and practice, and Helen’s soothing voice, and chill out music, during this session allowed me to totally relax, and also provided me with the opportunity to learn about Havening and how to apply it. I can honestly say it was the best online session I have participated in. I felt totally chilled out and relaxed – to the point of unwinding so much I nearly fell asleep and felt myself slipping on my chair. I also now feel equipped with the knowledge and background to the Havening techniques which I will be able to adopt and apply in order to relax myself further.

I don’t know about Joe Wicks and all that energetic jumping about keeping our bodies fit, I think we need to remember about our minds….

Fiona Klimczak

The mindfulness sessions and workshops have really useful and Helen is brilliant.

I have really enjoyed all these sessions and now just need to work on the worry diary.

The Positive Managing Worry session was brilliant and so educational for myself and to help me to promote and to help others.  Feeling so positive now.

Various Staff members Brighter Futures

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session on Positively Managing Worry, it was a real pleasure listening to you.  To be honest, I didn’t want to take an hour out of my day to listen to a course about not worrying, I am loving ploughing through my list of jobs during lock down. I see lock down as a gift, I’ve wanted the world to stop while I catch up for a while. However I realise that this will not last forever and that soon my exhausting lifestyle will be back and it will be full on.

I have come away with some great tips that I can use for myself, my teenage daughter (who is coming up to GCSE year) and for my family.  So, many thanks, I really enjoyed it and feel like it has benefited me a lot.

Emma Young
Teacher St Dominic’s Catholic Primary