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Helen helped me during a time when I felt lost, both personally and professionally. Having previously had counselling I knew I wanted to try something else. We started with Time Line Therapy, this profound technique worked immediately and I benefitted from removing some negative emotions I had harboured for years. Helen’s sessions made me more confident and gave me the ability to believe in myself; with so many negative people around me, Helen’s sessions helped me to remain positive and together we worked through my goals and how to achieve them. Even though we have finished our sessions, Helen is always available if I need to run something through with her and I will certainly turn to her for guidance in the future. Having gained so much from Helen I am now also training to be an NLP practitioner, hoping that I can help people as Helen has with me. 

Rachel Lee

Marketing & Business Support, Broxap Ltd

Effective communication is vital in any business and the way in which we all talk to each other has a profound effect on our working relationships and ultimately our success, personally and professionally.  In today’s world of work emotional intelligence and resilience are necessary skills in effectively managing an ever-changing working environment and the people within this environment.

Horizons Coaching, owned by Helen Dos Santos, combines coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and the latest developments of Time Line Therapy techniques to create a revolutionary and powerfully effective avenue for creating lasting change in all aspects of life.

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Louise Griffin

Group HR Director, Steelite International

As a confident, independent and assertive person both in my personal and professional life for many years, I found myself at an all time low following the death of my father, also experiencing a range of other personal difficulties and, if that were not enough, working in a systemic bullying culture over several years following key changes in senior management at work almost destroyed my confidence to do my job. I was depressed, anxious and tearful for most of the time… most days I was physically sick with worry about my responsibilities at work.

I initially had some difficulty taking that first step to accept coaching that was suggested to me by a fellow colleague. My initial reaction was: ‘I am meant to be the strong one – there for everyone else! How could I admit that I had ‘failed’ and needed counselling?. There was something wrong with me… I was weak!’ I look back now and realise that admitting I needed help was one of the bravest and strongest things I did… everyone needs support at some stage in their life.

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My sessions with Helen were always uplifting and enlightening experiences. I was made to feel instantly comfortable in opening up and sharing life experiences with Helen, as she has a very warm and inquisitive manner about her.  Helen has equipped me with lots of tools and tricks to help navigate me through life’s ups and downs. It is certainly a highly beneficial experience spending time with Helen, and I would recommend her sessions to anyone who needs a boost of motivation, or simply time to reset the start button.  I understand myself more, and know how to better look after my mental health. Thank you Helen!

Victoria Gotham

Performer, Teacher, Director

“After hearing about my irrational fear of tuna on Signal 1’s breakfast show, Helen got in touch and came to meet me. I can’t express how amazed I have been at the progress I have made since meeting with Helen.

We spent just over an hour together. Helen made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, and went through various methods with me. After an hour I started to feel my fears subside.

I have now faced my fears and feel very positive about moving forward. Thank you so much to Helen. It really is amazing what she has done!”

Jennie Longdon

Former Presenter, Signal 1

Quite often high performance teams focus on what needs to be achieved; sales targets; new product introductions; pricing negotiations; tenders etc. All too often little attention is paid to the mental health and well being of the team. During stressful and uncertain times the benefits of re-focussing on your own wellbeing can take a back seat to all other business priorities. That’s where Helen stepped in to help us evaluate how we respond to these situations, and the importance of the individual.
Helen delivered a “Positive Vibes” workshop to my sales team as the last session of a jam packed day. The team really enjoyed exploring their communication styles in a fun way and Helen’s interaction with the team put them at ease immediately. The relaxation techniques were a revelation and everyone found the session of real benefit. Delivered with illustrative stories and interactive sessions I am certain the Positive Vibes session helped many in the team sense check their stress levels, and realise the value in “taking some time for yourself” during their very busy lives.

Martin Youds

Sales Director UK & Ireland, Steelite International

I attended your full day workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it ! I have to say that approaching 60 years of age having worked for Birmingham City Council for 41 years I was extremely sceptical about having to attend ….you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was my mind set as I entered the room.  Wow how wrong was I.  I cannot tell you how much I feel I have taken away with me and will definitely be putting in to practice much of what you covered, in particular, dealing with worry on a daily basis.   Many thanks for a most enjoyable and informative day.

Maxine Jacques

Birmingham City Council

I had timeline therapy with Helen and what a life changing experience this has been! Firstly Helen is very calming and re assuring and explains everything very clearly, I felt very comfortable in her presence. The therapy itself was amazing, I knew that there was something that was holding me back in my professional life but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Timeline therapy is very unobtrusive and I didn’t have to share any of my past experiences with Helen and the issues became aware to me as we progressed through the session. Afterwards I felt like I had just taken off a big backpack that had been filled with emotional baggage and let it drift away, I felt so much lighter and freer and since then I have so much more energy and feel that there is nothing holding me back, I am much more productive and no longer put things of, I can just get things done, already I am taking great leaps to grow my business and it feels great, thank you so much Helen!

Louise Howard

Prior to the Breakthrough Day I found I was in a deep mire of depression whilst also trying to build my business, but finding that my confidence, self esteem and image were at an all time low.  I had been prescribed anti depressants and had had two sessions with a specialist – none of which helped.  After just one session with Helen I started to feel change taking place.

This has been a life changing journey and it is due to the coaching that my business has grown further, enabling me to make better choices in projects, make sound business decisions, as well as manage my time more effectively.   Six months ago I decided to also address my weight and image issues and have now lost two and half stone and feel amazing – now I am at the gym 3 to 4 times a week, eat healthy and my insomnia is a thing of the past.

The changes within me over a short period of time have been an utter revelation even my family and friends have noticed a difference.  I have Helen to thank for helping me through my journey of self-discovery.  I would highly recommend this insightful, empathetic, as well as sympathetic lady to anyone who is struggling with their inner negative emotions which I recognise now, have held me back from moving forward with my life.

Managing Director

Melrose Art Studio

I attended one of your workshops last month, and I asked you for your advice on how to keep calm for my driving test, as I had failed twice and had been down to my nerves (couldn’t stop shaking and couldn’t even think straight).   I just wanted to thank you  – as I passed my driving test yesterday.  I visualised myself actually doing well and being calm and confident during my test and pictured myself passing at the end.  I also used your method of pressing a knuckle to make me calmer and it really did help.

I really enjoyed your workshop and it has had a really positive effect on my life, I will definitely keep practising.

Sarah Lockley

Birmingham City Council