Success Stories

From Personal

Having made an initial consultation appointment, feeling I had reached a place where more of the same was not an option, I felt reassured by Helen’s confidence that I could achieve success with my weight issues, my pain/health issues and my poor state of mind. I was feeling helpless and exhausted, overthinking everything I did and every comment made to me. I agreed 3 two hour sessions for July 2021. 

That doesn’t mean I did not feel anxious or a little afraid at the prospect of Coaching and Havening, which Helen suggested would be most appropriate, I absolutely did.   Heading towards retirement in 5 months I felt afraid, a little lost and worried that a lifetime of feeling validated and defined by my work was about to end, and I also realised if I wanted to face an active and enjoyable retirement I had to act quickly, it felt like a now or never situation.  My constant internal chattering, shocking lack of sleep and negative outlook was fuelled by self doubt, self criticism and a feeling that I deserved to be where I was – lost.  

Working with Helen as my coach made me realise that I had become what I had feared most, a shadow of myself.  I know this sounds dramatic, but I had lost my inner fire, my purpose and my way.  I found quite quickly after the first session I felt more alive, more confident and surprisingly empowered. I was able to unpack some heavy mental baggage, learn to repeat that process as and when required and start to look forward to my new life in retirement. I am indeed planning, even booking UK holidays that I had previously not had the desire or focus to do since 2016. I would not have believed this could be possible a few weeks back.  I feel sure the coaching I received is a permanent fix, not a sticking plaster, and the ‘toolkit’ I now have at my disposal, is enabling me grow in confidence, so that my anger is now my drivemy sadness is my joy, and my future is whatever I want it to be.  

If I ever feel I am struggling I will not hesitate to call Helen at Horizons Coaching and booking a refresher session, because sometimes we all just need a reset, a reminder of our value, our achievements, our potential.  I would advise anyone who feels they need to re-evaluate their mindset or make some changes to consider speaking to Helen, they will not regret it for a moment.  

Sheila - July 2021


Helen has helped me through a period in my life that was so unexpected and so painful. I felt so very desperate on some occasions. The negativity towards my persecutors became so profound and I could not make any sense of what had happened to me. 

I had always felt that I had been kind, professional and would work many hours over my contract to make sure the working environment was safe and the team felt supported. A resistance to a national change created a divide within the team and unscrupulous strategies were used by some to undermine a strategic project. As one of the leaders, I was directly scrutinised. I felt that my opinion was not considered and I had been condemned and sentenced without a trial. 

Over time, my self-belief in my skills of 36 years and my trust in others began to waver.  

I made contact with Helen in January 2020. I was referred to her from the HR team. By now, I felt I was pretty much a shell, with not much to offer the world. 

Helen is a warm and compassionate listener. As a private individual, it was hard for me to showcase how utterly pathetic I truly felt.   She did not patronise, she listened.  She did not offer unrealistic explanations as others had done. She listened. She offers a range of resources should I choose to pursue.  She was positive and humorous. She listened.  Helen is very relatable and she listened. 

Helen tried different therapies to try and unravel the very deep seated hurt that I felt. These were NLP time line therapy and ‘Havening techniques’. 

I always felt safe, nurtured and rational with Helen. Psychological safety is really important when an individual feels threatened and hurt. Helen always provided this in a really kind empathic way. 

Nothing was ever pushed on me.  Havening was suggested.  I was rather cynical about this therapy initially.  However, after a few sessions I began to change how I felt, the hurt became less intense and I started to move on with trusting individuals again. It is difficult to explain but positivity started to outweigh my negativity. The hurt weakened.  

Helen has given me hope and self-belief that anything is possible. I am starting to re-build my career and self-invent who I am.  I would not have got to this stage with Helen’s help. I truly would recommend her skills to those facing challenges in their lives that may feel unsurmountable and hopeless. Helen’s therapy and techniques are very subtle but effective. 

I had always felt I was a strong resilient individual. However, situations manifest that can be devastating. Sometimes each of us need help. Helen was that individual for me. I cannot thank Helen enough. 

Helen Price

Helen provided a session using Havening Techniques® where she helped me deal with feelings of sadness and insecurities.  At the time I had been going through a lot of different uncertainties and a fairly rough breakup so I was having a bad time.  The session that we had together was very interesting and helpful to me.  The Havening Techniques® that she taught me gave me a sense of calm and peacefulness, and this has helped me to centre my emotions should things start to get to me again.  It’s a fantastic way to overcome feelings of insecurities and doubts. 



Helen is a wonderful coach, she has a beautiful presence and was very attuned to me during all our sessions. I shared a lot with Helen who created a very safe space. I made great progress and really felt confident and empowered to move forward with my new business at the end of our sessions.

NiamhAnne McCann

Leadership, Personal Coach & Business Owner

An event happened in my life which spiralled me into a deep and dark depression. After being an extrovert, self assured and confident in my abilities my whole life, I found my self very introverted and questioning everything as nothing seemed real anymore. Prior to attending a breakthrough day I really didn’t think there was any clear way forward, I was at the lowest point in my life. I had been through a lot of forced and difficult changes in a relatively short time and subsequently diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Even after an initial phone call with Helen it felt like a weight had started to lift, and that there was someone who understood when I explained how I felt. Well meaning friends can only offer so much, but with Helen it was different.

After my initial consultation I decided on the breakthrough day as I believed it was the best option for my circumstances, I had felt low for so long I was afraid of what I might do. The breakthrough day was the best decision I had made. After discussing everything in depth with Helen and learning to use the tools she taught me to tackle a recurring theme in my head, I felt so much better. Initially I was unsure, but after a nights rest, subconsciously something had shifted in my mind and I felt so much more relaxed and able to cope. This then enabled me to start moving forward and accepting things.

I am now in so much more of a better place. I have made certain changes in my life which are the result of talking things through with Helen. I am now much more of the person I used to be. Before the breakthrough day I had lost 2 stone in weight and could not sleep. I am now back to my normal weight and back into a fitness regime. Prior to seeing Helen I would have probably been very sceptical about all of this, but when you are at rock bottom you will try anything. It certainly worked for me and has given me a new found respect for the power of the mind. I cannot recommend Helen enough for all that she has done for me.

Ian (ex-military)


As a confident, independent and assertive person both in my personal and professional life for many years, I found myself at an all time low following the death of my father, also experiencing a range of other personal difficulties and, if that were not enough, working in a systemic bullying culture over several years following key changes in senior management at work almost destroyed my confidence to do my job. I was depressed, anxious and tearful for most of the time… Read more

When I reflect back on who I was before my breakthrough day with Helen and who I am now; I can hardly believe the change. To have finally recognised the source of so much unhappiness and anger and let it go is nothing short of a miracle. I am no longer carrying my past with me like a heavy yoke around my neck. I feel myself flourishing into the person I was always meant to be rather than the person I had been moulded into by circumstance. I am at peace with myself and the world and feel like I have been woken up from a bad dream. I see the world differently and react to difficult situations in a new way. The impact of the change on my family has been more than just positive, it is (and continues to be) a healing experience of love, peace and joy. With regards to my business, I am no longer laden with doubt and invite success into my life rather than fear it. I have so much gratitude to both my mother for sending me to Helen and to Helen for gently freeing me from the person I had become and reawakening the person  I was always mean to be. I am unreservedly happy today and that is a miracle… a gift.


I was off work for 5 months with stress, anxiety & severe depression and was apprehensive about returning to work.  The biggest impact that the coaching has helped with is my confidence levels and my ability to now achieve my goals and deal with difficult situations in context.  I am back at work in a new job and have a totally new outlook on life with greater coping strategies.  I had no great expectations from the coaching but it was a brilliant experience for me and has literally changed my life.


Administrator, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Before the breakthrough day I was tearful, had no confidence, felt numb due to my medication, lacked energy and felt that any sort of future did not exist.  I was also struggling to function as an effective manager.   Since the breakthrough day I feel happy, fully of energy and I feel I have a future to look forward to.  I no longer have a need to take the medication originally subscribed to me.  I would like you to know what an enormous difference you have made to my life.  Thank you Helen you have re-awakened me and I feel I can never repay you.


Manager, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

The coaching did meet my expectations, much more than I thought it would.  Thank your for everything you have done, as I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help, tips and strategies to get me through a very difficult time.  You treated me with dignity and respect and believed in me, so your help was invaluable.   I’ve learnt to trust myself and believe in myself more.  I no longer think that I can’t do things, but am much more confident and feel happy about the future.  I didn’t feel happy before – the future looks very different now and I’m hopeful.


Student, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Due to a stressful situation in my personal life I was considering seeking a lower graded position with less stress in order to cope better.  My self-esteem and self-worth were at an all time low.  I realise I have been able to overcome a real struggle to forgive myself for a situation that has troubled me all my life, so to be able to see this situation with more clarity and understanding now is amazing.  In addition, I have remained in my current role with ease and confidence.  Having had just two sessions with Helen I have regained a feeling of well-being, confidence in my abilities and a raised awareness of my own self-worth.


Secretary, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Helen was recommended to me by a close friend of mine who had heard about Helen’s success in the field of NLP and coaching. My friend knew that I was interested in qualifying in this field myself and so I contacted Helen directly. I explained my situation on the telephone and she very kindly agreed a date to meet. Since then Helen has been a fantastic support and advisor to me helping me make the decision to grasp life with both hands, and three months on I have qualified as a Coaching and NLP practitioner! She is a wonderful person who I just connected with straight away and felt very at ease. During our first meeting I was impressed by her energy and commitment to helping others. Due to the fact that I made the decision to enrol on the practitioner course, we discussed the idea of me experiencing Time Line Therapy and some coaching myself. The process was different to anything I have experienced before but very beneficial. I know I am in a much more positive place and have the energy and drive to achieve my personal goal. If I feel I need any further support I wouldn’t hesitate to get in contact with Helen again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the process to anyone. Everyone would benefit from a coach in their life.

Rachel Boulton

I just want to say a massive Thank You! I will never be able to thank you enough for coaching me through what felt like a very dark place in my life, and ultimately turning my life back round again and allowing me to see purpose in everything again.


I am overwhelmed by how I feel now to how I did when I first started coming to your sessions.  I will always be so grateful and feel very lucky to have met you, to allow me to be me, and actually move on in my life in the right direction giving me the tools to cope in any situation that will reoccur in my life again.


You are a fantastic coach and all I know is that I definitely should have made myself come to see you sooner, so thank you is just not enough, but I am truly grateful for your time and patience listening to me it has meant the world to me.

Rachel C

Before attending my first session with Helen, I was extremely sceptical. I am not one for talking about my feelings and deepest, darkest thoughts and I honestly thought that I would hate sitting in a room with a stranger talking about me. My personal circumstances were pretty rubbish at the time and I knew that nobody could change the situation. It was what it was so what was the point in wasting hours of my time talking to somebody about something that couldn’t be changed? I also worried deeply about the confidentiality, not wanting anybody to know anything and worrying about the impact it would have on me if anybody found about what I needed to talk about. 

How wrong I was! I needn’t have worried about any of those things! As I walked into my first session, I was extremely nervous and very guarded. Helen picked up on this straight away and responded to my body language and obvious discomfort in a reassuring manner. She was not condescending at all and spoke to me in a matter of fact way but with kindness in her voice and eyes. As I attended more sessions I started to relax and this was completely down to her expertise. She completed several exercises with me with some being more successful than others. But never did she make me feel like I was a failure because something hadn’t had the desired impact. In fact, she used this as a learning curve for me and showed me how I could tweak things to work better. Her knowledge was amazing. It didn’t matter what I said or did, she was able to help me look at things with a different perspective. I am sure I must have been quite frustrating at times but never did that show in her work with me – she was ever patient, ever reassuring and ever positive. The actual advice she gave me was brilliant. Only little things to try but they had such a big impact on me despite my misgivings. 

A few months on and the things Helen has taught me have stuck with me. My life is completely different now but most importantly so am I. I am so much more positive and happier. I also have a handful of tools to help me when things start to get tricky or when I feel negative self-talk creeping in. I am so glad that I walked into that office – it has honestly helped me to become me again.

K Clews