Success Stories

From Schools

I first met Helen in 2018 when she attended our Principals’ meeting following some work she had undertaken at one of our primary schools.  I was very impressed by her personal and professional approach to supporting individuals.  Helen has since provided group workshops to our pupils and staff, always taking into account the needs of her audience.  She has also provided tailor-made 1-2-1 sessions to support both pupils and staff who have struggled with their emotional or mental wellbeing.  Helen has worked passionately with our schools encouraging a positive mind-set, promoting wellbeing and resilience.  As a result of Helen’s work, targeted pupils have developed in terms of their personal and academic achievement.  Additionally, staff wellbeing has improved and absence reduced due to the support offered and practical strategies that have been implemented.

In conclusion, Helen is a wonderful resource who contributes significantly to the mental health and wellbeing policy that we value so greatly in our multi-academy.  It is a pleasure to have her working across our Trust and I recommend her without reservation.

Steve Bell

Chief Executive Officer, The Painsley Catholic Academy

Before working with Helen, my life was a constant battle between anxiety, stress, self-doubt and worry. My vision for my future, especially in my career, was hazy and clouded due to the constant stresses from work load, balancing life and maintaining friendships and relationships. Working with Helen taught me that feeling guilty for saying ‘no’ to things that were causing me all these worries and stresses was not an acceptable way to treat myself, and together we worked on ways I could combat that feeling of guilt for putting myself first.

The manner in which Helen worked with me was personal, professional, but extremely empathetic and understanding to the pressures I was facing and her coaching to deal with these was second to none.

From the timeline therapy we did together, I discovered that my whole life I had been holding onto negative feelings, self-doubt and guilt and this needed to be changed for the better. The timeline therapy allowed me to connect with my past and realise that not only have my past experiences shaped the way I am today, but they also, at times, filled me with negative emotions, which the timeline therapy was extremely good at letting me park the negative emotions associated with these things and deal with them positively.

I also experienced hypnotherapy with Helen, dealing with issues surrounding phobia and my health at the time, which I found to be incredibly uplifting and grounding, even to the point that I would say my claustrophobia (which was quite severe) has all but gone!

Without the coaching I believe that my job would be a much more difficult place to be right now, but Helen has taught me and coached me through ways that I can positively impact myself and those around me while still saying ‘no’ to things when they get too much – and being okay with that!

Thank you for all you did for me Helen.

Sophie Robinson

Teacher, Discovery Academy

Helen has ensured a tailor-made response to staff wellbeing concerns, and the impact has been positively measurable in each case.  This intervention has also prevented sickness absence.
Garrett Murray

Deputy Headteacher, St John Fisher Catholic College

Helen delivered sessions to SLT and whole school. Her training is thought provoking and encourages reflection and challenges fixed mindsets. As a staff we became more open to thinking about how we cope with our own mental health to ensure we can do our best for our students.

Linda Williams

Headteacher, Abbey Hulton Primary School

After being signed off work due to anxiety with depression, my headteacher at work pointed me in the direction of Horizons Coaching. I was somewhat cynical at the beginning because I was in a low place and had little motivation to do anything at all. After the first session, a few days past and I felt a change. The nervous, on edge and upset person was leaving and my old self was coming back. I was ready to return to work and build upon the work I did with Helen after just 3 sessions.   Helen’s approach has been both refreshingly positive and practical and I am now looking forward to a happier and healthier future! Thank you Helen!

Judith McCusker

Teacher at Painsley Catholic Academy

A member of staff was experiencing difficulties in their personal life which led to them being booked off sick by their GP. Helen provided just three sessions and I firmly believe without this intervention my member of staff would have been off work for a considerable length of time. She now describes herself as feeling amazing and like a new person.

Mrs R Lee

Headteacher, Sneyd Green Primary School

This is the second time I have seen Helen and yet again she worked her magic. The first time I meet Helen was back in 2016 when I was probably at the lowest point in my life. The first meeting we discussed all the issues I had, which was a lot from the past and childhood.  She arranged a full days session with me. On the day I was very apprehensive as to how one full day could change the issues I have been struggling with for over 30 years. How wrong was I. In the morning there was a lot of tears and realisation which made things a lot more clearer.  After lunch Helen did some timeline therapy with me followed by hypnotherapy.  It was a very emotional and tiring day.  Did it help?  I can truly say yes it did in fact it changed my life, the way I think and look at things, how to handle situations and for me to get back to being me again.

Over the past few months I haven’t been feeling to good but put it down to January blues and cold dark days. But I soon noticed the changes in me, my anxiety and worrying, not been able to sleep and feeling low.  So I contacted Helen explained my situation and made an appointment to see her. This time it was just for 90 minutes. S he chatted to me about how I can handle and look at different problems in my life.  Did some exercises and hypnotherapy with me and yet again I left her office feeling much more relaxed and in control of my life.  Helen is an amazing lady and fantastic at her job and I can’t thank her enough.  She’s always in my thoughts and I do talk about her amazing work to my friends and colleagues about what she’s done to my life and how she can help others.  If it wasn’t for Helen I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today and I am eternally grateful for that.

Donna Greaves

Former Employee, Sutherland Primary Academy

Helen at Horizons Coaching, has provided a professional and confidential service towards supporting staff wellbeing at our school.

Jonathon May

Headteacher , Watermill School

The confidential coaching sessions have had a huge impact on my self confidence and have enabled me to accept challenges and begin to make steps towards positive life changes

A member of staff

Watermill School

After visiting Helen I am now comfortable with the fact that I am not perfect, but I am the best version of myself as I can be. With Helen’s guidance I now feel I am able to block out negative feelings and emotions more effectively.  I feel a lot happier and calmer since undertaking the coaching.  It is so refreshing to realise how powerful the mind can be, if you actually use it effectively.  My new motto is ‘The future is bright because I believe it to be’.  I must admit before I visited Helen, I was more than a little nervous and very sceptical but I really didn’t need to be, as soon as I was welcomed at the door by Helen, I felt totally at ease, she is warm, friendly and a great coach and listener.  I highly recommend Horizons Coaching to anyone, whatever age or stage in your life, please visit Helen you will not be disappointed!!

Maxine Adams-Morris

Attendance Officer, Birches Head Academy

I am overjoyed at the progress I have made with Helen, she has given me outstanding guidance and support in some enlightened, fun sessions. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the confidence I needed to challenge myself and improve my self-esteem.  I am forever grateful, and I will always use the techniques to put myself back on track if I ever need to. Thank you again 


Teacher , Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy

All our staff thoroughly enjoyed the Positively Managing Worry session.  After the session three staff asked to join other schools as they couldn’t make our school allotted session, so staff must of feedback positively to each other. All enjoyed the sessions and found them to be ‘useful’.  They feedback that some have made use of some of the strategies already, and we have agreed to gentle remind one another to do so in the future.   Many found the session time to be right – 40 minutes and reported that it was a calm and peaceful experience.  Many enjoyed you sharing personal experience or relating to yourself as helpful.   Everyone appreciated your introduction of valuing teaching staff currently. 

Cathy Horton

Headteacher, Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School