Steelite Benefit from “Positive Vibes”


Effective communication is vital in any business and the way in which we all talk to each other has a profound effect on our working relationships and ultimately our success, personally and professionally.  In today’s world of work emotional intelligence and resilience are necessary skills in effectively managing an ever-changing working environment and the people within this environment.

Horizons Coaching, owned by Helen Dos Santos, combines coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and the latest developments of Time Line Therapy techniques to create a revolutionary and powerfully effective avenue for creating lasting change in all aspects of life.

Her most recent work includes a workshop with world-leading ceramics manufacturer, Steelite, to urge staff to place special focus on their own wellbeing, highlighting the benefits this can bring to a business. Louise Griffin, HR Group Director at Steelite International, said:

“I wanted to provide our people managers with the opportunity to explore their own communication style and to recognise their own levels of emotional intelligence and resilience, understanding that it really isn’t a black art, just an identification of recognising our own identity and how this works in our personal and professional life.

We explored a couple of the courses that Helen offered and sat down with a couple of our production managers, recognising the importance of getting their buy-in to training that was going to be ‘out of the norm’ from the outset and finally settled with Positive Vibes.

Running the Positive Vibes workshop was a real eye-opener for many attendees, something very different than the ‘normal’ classroom training environment, Helen really took people outside of their comfort zones, pushing the boundaries.  I would say that vast majority of people who attended the workshop took away something new, recognising traits in themselves and others, and learning more about how, as humans, our actions and reactions directly affects our resilience and communication style.  In fact, I was surprised at how many people positively reacted to the workshop and still today talk about the benefits it has had in the way they communicate with their people.”

One of the attendees at the Positive Vibes workshops was Martin Youds, UK & Ireland Regional Sales Director.  He decided to have Helen run the same workshop for all his sales staff and afterwards said:

“Quite often high performance teams focus on what needs to be achieved; sales targets; new product introductions; pricing negotiations; tenders etc. All too often little attention is paid to the mental health and wellbeing of the team. During stressful and uncertain times the benefits of re-focusing on your own wellbeing can take a back seat to all other business priorities. That’s where Helen stepped in to help us evaluate how we respond to these situations, and the importance of the individual.

Helen delivered a “Positive Vibes” workshop to my sales team as the last session of a jam packed day. The team really enjoyed exploring their communication styles in a fun way and Helen’s interaction with the team put them at ease immediately. The relaxation techniques were a revelation and everyone found the session of real benefit. Delivered with illustrative stories and interactive sessions I am certain the Positive Vibes session helped many in the team sense check their stress levels, and realise the value in “taking some time for yourself” during their very busy lives”

Helen Dos Santos, Owner of Horizons Coaching, said: “We all lead busy lives, constantly connected to technology and often living at a 100mph pace. It has become more important than ever that we have coping strategies and a positive mindset to help us through tough time, whether that be at home or at work. Working with Steelite International was an incredible experience, it was an honour to coach such dedicated and passionate staff on how vital it is to switch off that negative voice in our heads. I am so pleased that the staff were able to recognise that supporting mental and emotional resilience can have a lasting and powerful impact on their lives.”

For further information about supporting the mental and emotional resilience of your workforce, contact Helen Dos Santos at Horizons Coaching on 07730 920010 or