Personal Testimonial


As a confident, independent and assertive person both in my personal and professional life for many years, I found myself at an all time low following the death of my father, also experiencing a range of other personal difficulties and, if that were not enough, working in a systemic bullying culture over several years following key changes in senior management at work almost destroyed my confidence to do my job. I was depressed, anxious and tearful for most of the time… most days I was physically sick with worry about my responsibilities at work.

I initially had some difficulty taking that first step to accept coaching that was suggested to me by a fellow colleague. My initial reaction was: ‘I am meant to be the strong one – there for everyone else! How could I admit that I had ‘failed’ and needed counselling?. There was something wrong with me… I was weak!’ I look back now and realise that admitting I needed help was one of the bravest and strongest things I did… everyone needs support at some stage in their life.

When I first met with Helen I was in a complete state. I could not speak for sobbing and was shivering with anxiety. Helen recommended that I had a breakthrough day as soon as possible. The day itself was emotionally intense, but it was critical to be honest and open and get my issues on the table so that Helen could help me. We talked for hours, did time line therapy and hypnosis. She did not judge me at all – she worked through my emotions and issues and helped me form a different perspective. Afterwards I was exhausted, I went home and actually slept a whole 8 hours; something that I had not done for several months.

The impact of that day was transformational… no flicking of a switch in the days following… but gradually over several weeks and months… I found the old me! My confidence and assertiveness grew and I took some pretty big decisions in relation to my career and my personal life.

I left my permanent job in the organisation that had failed to address systemic bullying and set up my own company doing what I do professionally and as I always knew deep down I could, doing it really well. Two and a half years on, my professional profile has grown, my earnings have increased by over 30% and my personal life is stable and calm.

I will be eternally grateful to Helen for the help she gave me. I dread to think where I would be had I not taken that important step. I have recommended her to other friends who are having a tough time and need support. When asked what she actually does to make a difference… my response is ‘don’t try to rationalise what she does… the best way I can describe it is that she re-wired my brain!’

D – Staffordshire