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Coaching has been around since time began.  Now a more sophisticated form of coaching exists and has been recognised within the sports industry for many years.  Tim Gallwey’s book “The Inner Game of Tennis” states that the opponent in one’s head was far greater than the one on the other side of the net.

Coaching is used as a method of unlocking your potential and enables you to make conscious decisions about yourself, giving you the freedom to become great leaders of your own lives.  The process will push you out of your comfort zone and stretch your capability, whilst removing barriers and limiting beliefs.

A coaching session will allow the coach opportunities to ask questions which will challenge you giving you the opportunity to discover answers and explore options for yourself to unlock your potential.

The benefits of coaching include:

"I have zero hesitation in recommending Helen Dos Santos and Horizons Coaching to companies or individuals"
Helen is a remarkable coach. She has recently helped a contact who was experiencing a range of anxiety problems. She has a really engaging approach and took the time to meet and understand the problems before committing any solution. Her warm professionalism made an instant connection and built the trust needed to have the help accepted – from somebody who was very skeptical of what could be achieved. Most amazing was watching the difference Helens intervention made; she has transformed the life of the individual, giving them renewed confidence to tackle life’s challenges with a totally new positive outlook. It’s been a remarkable journey. I have zero hesitation in recommending Helen Dos Santos and Horizons Coaching to companies or individuals who are seeking to make a change.

Tony Shields, CEO, Crystal Legal

Time Line Therapy®

This is a technique created by Tad James in 1985, who was the second person in the world to be certified a Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a technique used by NLP coaches to bring about significant change in a person’s life. This is founded on the idea that everyone has a “time line” where we store memories in our subconscious mind. The technique is also used for creating goals for the future. This powerful therapy allows a person to work at a subconscious level which is where you will be taught how to let go of past negative emotions and experiences. 

Benefits of Time Line Therapy include:

Havening Techniques

Havening Techniques® has been the biggest psychological breakthrough of the 21st century created by Dr Ron Ruden.  Havening is a radical, new, and evolving form of scientific therapy that helps permanently treat and heal traumas, anxiety, phobias, and stress, as well as creative positive changes in our brain to enhance wellness and resilience. It changes the physical and chemical make-up in the brain and body and heals it.

Havening works through a change agent, a brain delta wave through the approach of applying a smoothing touch which is so simple that you can also learn to do yourself. Havening touch can be applied by me or yourself, which means that Havening can even be provided in person or virtually.

The effect of the Havening touch also produces a calm pleasant state, so it can also be used to work on trauma, depression, anxiety and then build positive states, behaviours, and goals to help build up resilience, self-confidence, and reduce stress.

Havening Techniques® can be used for:

"I have been able to centre my emotions if things started to get to me, both in public and at home"
Helen provided a session of Havening where she helped me deal with feelings of sadness and insecurities. At the time I had been going through a lot of different uncertainties and a fairly rough breakup so I was having a bad time. The session that we had together was very interesting and helpful to me, the Havening technique that she was teaching me gave me a sense of calm and peacefulness and by her teaching me this I have been able to centre my emotions if things started to get to me, both in public and at home. It’s a fantastic way to overcome feelings of insecurities and doubts.
M.A. (Stourbridge)


Without realising it, you go into a hypnotic state several times a day. For example when you are just beginning to fall asleep and are day-dreaming, or perhaps aware but not completely focused—just focused enough to have a simple conversation but not remember talking at all.

Hypnosis is a technique that works with the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has responsibility for everything you are not thinking about now! Take a moment to consider that. This part of your mind has three main functions: it takes care of all your learning, your behaviour and behavioural changes. It also stores all your intuitions and emotions.

Hypnosis is a very deep state of relaxation, called a trance state. This state is not evasive and whilst you are always in control, it will allow an NLP Coach to use therapeutic talk to assist in stimulating change at a subconscious level.

Benefits of hypnosis include:
Let me share my thoughts

Belief Change

Believe in Yourself. It’s easier said than done – and the detail is in how. How do I believe in myself when I don’t. Henry Ford said “whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right” and this will impact on what we achieve and how resourceful we might feel.

Our beliefs are nothing more than a thought, they become our version of what is ‘right’ or the ‘truth’. Sometimes our beliefs get in our way and stop us from being resourceful and achieving what we want in life. This simple process helps you to:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a powerful technique that works by changing your mind set, focusing and motivating you to the point you believe you can achieve whatever you want in life and has been used for about 35 years

NLP is a fantastic tool when combined with coaching techniques. It studies three different areas that give its name today:

Neuro – The mind and how we individually think
Linguistics – How we use language and how it impacts on us
Programming – How we order our actions to help us achieve our goals

What NLP brings to coaching:

Why combine all 6?

Combining coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, along with Havening Techniques® and Belief Change offers a revolutionary and powerfully effective avenue for creating lasting change in every aspect of your life. With these latest radical and evolving approaches that help permanently heal and treat past emotional issues, they also creative positive changes in our brain to enhance wellness and resilience. Combining all of these creates a brilliant future in which to thrive.

To manage your future, you need to manage your mind, now.
MAD (Making A Difference) about Mental Health at work

This session is targeted at Senior Leaders, Managers & Team Supervisors, in fact anyone with responsibility for staff.    Through this session we explore why mental health is important, and gain awareness of the impact on an individual suffering with mental health issues.  Managers will feel more confident about how to start a conversation and what they can say, how to say it and what NOT to say. 

Press Pause, Live Well.

Recognise what causes us to feel stressed and learn more about the signs and symptoms to understand the impact on our health.   Gain self-help tips to manage stress in order to achieve a greater balance in life.  Develop an awareness of Havening Techniques® to relax and build longer lasting resilience.

How to achieve a calmer life & cope with challenges.

Explore what hinders us from feeling calm and why, and gain an insight into the 4 C’s of mental wealth, Chaos, Control, Choice & Calm.   Gain a true understanding of the benefits of remaining calm.  Learn self-help techniques and top tips to achieve a sense of calm in your life and address challenges in a positive manner.

Positively Manage Worr-ease

Did you know 97% of what we worry about never even happens?  Consider the negative affects fear and worry have on us emotionally and mentally, as well as identify types of worry.   Learn new strategies to manage our worrying thoughts in an empowering way, along with controlling some of our self-talk to enable us to feel positive.

Sleep Well, Feel Great.

On average we spend 33 years in bed – but how much of that is good quality sleep?  The benefits of sleeping well ensure greater concentration and focus, high energy levels and improved health.  Gain an understanding of the science of sleep, what cause disruption to our sleep pattern and gain strategies to promote a better quality sleep.   Finish off with a short guided mindfulness session.

Spring Clean Your Thinking

Explore how our negative thinking impacts on us in this fun session.  Discover ways of demolishing and re-setting some of our old thinking patterns which may no longer serve us any purpose.  Achieve more confidence and empowerment by making some simple changes to our thought process

Manage Your Emotions

Based on The Sedona Method, learn a unique way for making positive changes and gain an insight to the simple process of releasing underlying emotions that hold you back.  Become a master of your mind and emotions, then develop the art of the “release technique” or letting go.  Simple, fast & effective in order to achieve calmness. 

Less Stress, More Success

Do you find there are not enough hours in the day, frustrated that we never get to the bottom of our ‘To Do’ list?  With 80% of employees feeling stressed at work, explore and recognise the causes of stress.  Gain take-away tools to improve your time management skills, plan your day with ease and learn how and when to say No!

Dreams do come True

Ever wondered why 92% of people do not achieve their goals?  Join the 8% that are achievers by exploring, in this fun session, how goals can be achieved through combining various Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques in goal setting accompanied with visualisation and the creation of a Vision Board.  All of which will get you what you want in life.

The Impact of Words – Mind Your Language!

Our language holds massive power to manifest change. Words can either be empowering and encouraging or destructive and damaging.  Gain a deeper understanding of just how powerful our “language” is and the impact of the words we use with our self-talk and when speaking to others.   With an understanding of the latest neuroscience delegates will learn techniques that will help them get the best out of themselves as well as build engaging and positive relationships with others.

The Power of Visualisation

Visualisation – seeing the goal as already complete in your mind’s eye – is a core technique used by the world’s most successful people. Visualisation is effective because it harnesses the power of our subconscious mind, activating the creative powers of the subconscious mind, motivating it to work harder at creating solutions. You’ll also notice new levels of motivation and find yourself doing things that normally you would avoid, but that will take you closer to success.

I’m Possible verses Impossible

Beliefs are nothing more than a thought – often holding us back.  This belief change session provides 6 simple steps to greater self- fulfilment and success.  Our beliefs can either destroy or enrich our life.  Unhelpful beliefs hinder our ability to achieve our desires and goals.  These simple steps help you tap into your resourcefulness, to shine and flourish in life.

Digital Detox

Are we losing our ability to know who we are and what’s important to us?  Understand the addictive affects over exposure to the digital world has on our health, and explore techniques to make better choices in managing information overload.  Make smart choices that enable us to take control of our lives in a healthier way.

Pause & Relax

Say thank you to your staff and give them an hour to experience and learn anti-stress & relaxation techniques.  Understand the importance of taking time out for ourselves, still the mind, relax the body and learn how this can be achieved through breathe work, visualisation, Havening Techniques® and guided mindfulness.  All of which can be self-applied after the session and have great health benefits.

Mindfulness – a mental spa break

Experience a half hour guided mindfulness session to still the traffic in our minds.  This ancient practise is known to improve sleep, relieve stress and regulate our emotions.   It also increases mental clarity, improves concentration and boosts our working memory.  Along with smoothing gentle music this session creates and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Powerful Thinking Everyday

Gain an awareness of our most powerful tool in the world – our brain.  Learn the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind, how to unlock the brain’s hidden power and how use this to our advantage.   Not only will this assist in encouraging more positive thinking, you will can more focus and reduce stress.