Time Line Therapy

The History

This is a technique created by Tad James in 1985, who was the second person in the world to be certified a Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is President of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, President of American Pacific University and Director of Training and Research for Advanced Neuro Dynamics.  Tad has created the revolutionary new technique for human change known as Time Line Therapy.

The Technique

Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a technique used by NLP coaches to bring about significant change in a person’s life.  This is founded on the idea that everyone has a “time line” where we store memories in our subconscious mind.  The technique is also used for creating goals for the future.  This powerful therapy allows a person to work at a subconscious level which is where you will be taught how to let go of past negative emotions and experiences.

Benefits of Time Line Therapy include:

  • Elimination of unwanted thoughts
  • Removal of negative emotions and behaviours
  • Heal emotional traumas
  • Gain emotional control of your life
  • Be able to be more rational in awkward and emotional situations
  • Assist in setting goals for the future
  • Visualise your future in a manner that is more compelling, motivating and exciting