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Pause & Relax with Havering session 

There has been so much information in the press & on the TV recently about the need to keep ourselves fit, whilst we are all still in the CoronaVirus pandemic lockdown and restrictions, that I recently saw an advertisement via FaceBook for an online relaxation session…. “Time to pause and relax”, which included Havening, from Horizons Coaching, with Helen Dos Santos. 

Now I had never heard of “havening”, but thought given the restrictions being faced and feeling like I really did need to unwind and relax, coupled with the fact of being fed up with all the other “bodily” energetic keep-fit messages & online sessions, I decided to sign up for the event which was being delivered by Helen at Horizons Coaching, in the hope that it would give me mental relaxation. 

Well this was an amazing session, and really did allow me to pause for thought. The information which Helen gave, coupled with the demonstrations and practice, and Helen’s soothing voice, and chill out music, during this session allowed me to totally relax, and also provided me with the opportunity to learn about Havening and how to apply it. I can honestly say it was the best online session I have participated in. I felt totally chilled out and relaxed – to the point of unwinding so much I nearly fell asleep and felt myself slipping on my chair. I also now feel equipped with the knowledge and background to the Havening techniques, that I will be able to adopt and apply in order to relax myself further. 

I don’t know about Joe Wicks and all that energetic jumping about keeping our bodies fit, I think we need to remember about our minds…. 

Fiona Klimczak

Thank you very much for the Positively Managing Worry bite size session that you delivered to St Dominic’s and St John’s staff.  It was very well received and all comments from staff were positive.

Some staff found the session very peaceful and reflective, commenting that it had provided them with the opportunity to take time for themselves and to begin to think of positive, personal ways forward. They have since told me that they have been trying to adopt some of the ideas you gave them and consciously taking some time and control to manage their worries.   Two staff found the session positive, but also a little unsettling, as they had been “forging forward” during the crisis up until that point and not taking time/having the opportunity for reflection or to contemplate the enormity of the situation.  They felt a little unsettled/upset during the session but recognised that it was positive for them that they had begun to consider what they had been avoiding.

Dianne Stokes

Headteacher, St. Dominic's Catholic Primary

Helen at Horizons Coaching has delivered a number of various workshops at Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group since May 2018.  The feedback from members of staff that have attended these workshops have always been very positive, stating that the training is thought provoking, informative and encourages reflection to support them in their various roles within the Group.’ 

Karen Renshaw

Human Resources Manager

Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group

I attended your full day workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I have to say that approaching 60 years of age having worked for Birmingham City Council for 41 years I was extremely sceptical about having to attend ….you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was my mind set as I entered the room.  Wow how wrong was I.  I cannot tell you how much I feel I have taken away with me and will definitely be putting in to practice much of what you covered, in particular, dealing with worry on a daily basis.   Many thanks for a most enjoyable and informative day.

Maxine Jacques

Birmingham City Council

I attended one of your workshops last month, and I asked you for your advice on how to keep calm for my driving test, as I had failed twice and had been down to my nerves (couldn’t stop shaking and couldn’t even think straight).   I just wanted to thank you – as I passed my driving test yesterday.  I visualised myself actually doing well and being calm and confident during my test and pictured myself passing at the end.  I also used your method of pressing a knuckle to make me calmer and it really did help.


I really enjoyed your workshop and it has had a really positive effect on my life, I will definitely keep practising.

Sarah Lockley

Birmingham City Council

Quite often high performance teams focus on what needs to be achieved, sales targets, new product introductions, pricing, negotiations, tenders etc.  All too often little attention is paid to the mental health and wellbeing of the team.  During stressful and uncertain times the benefits of re-focusing on your own wellbeing can take a back seat to all other business priorities.  That’s were Helen stepped in to help us evaluate how we respond to these situations, and recognise the importance of self.  Helen delivered “Positive Vibes” workshop to my sales team as the last session of a jam packed day.  The team really enjoyed it and Helen’s interaction with the team put them at ease immediately.  Delivered with illustrative stories and interactive sessions I am certain Positive Vibes helped many in the team to sense check their stress levels, and realise the value in ‘taking time out for yourself’ during their busy lives.

Martin Youlds, Sales Director

Steelite International

Helen delivered a series of workshops to both our Senior Leadership Team as well as all the staff.  Her training is thought provoking and encourages reflection and challenges fixed mind sets.  Our staff have now become more open to thinking about how we cope with our own mental health to ensure we can do our best for our students.

Linda Williams

Headteacher, Abbey Hulton Primary School

“Helen was asked to run a workshop to provide staff with techniques to increase their resilience and general wellbeing.  She ran 5 full day Positive Vibes workshops to 172 finance staff.  83% of attendees rated the event excellent or good.”  Amongst the feedback received were these comments:


  • Very informative and useful workshop.  Different strategies to deal with different situations.
  • As a manager this course was interesting and motivational. 
  • Very good course – not had anything like this for a long time.  The polo exercise was inspirational.
  • An excellent and positive event!
  • Many thanks for the event, it was excellent and I will use many of the techniques identified.
  • This issue of deadlines is one that is a cause of stress and conflict and today, once raised, was handled very well to allow a conversation without blame.
  • Good to have so much interaction.
  • Really helpful techniques suggested that can be really easily applied.
  • Better than anticipated.  I was unsure what to expect, but a lot to try in practice
  • A very well delivered workshop / presentation which I believe will be useful for my home and work life.
  • Well organised and presented professionally.  Left feeling confident after the training.
  • Engaging and informative in a relaxed and well-paced manner.
  • Overall an excellent workshop and using good simple realistic examples which would resonate with all of us.
  • I got a lot from this course and look forward to putting them into practice to improve my life.
  • Good interaction and practical examples”


John Barr

Head of City Finance

Birmingham City Council