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Young People

There’s a lot of pressure to get good results, make lots of friends and be popular, do well in every subject and be a ‘good student’. These stresses during our educational years can sometimes feel too much. For those who are quieter in nature, they may be a risk of bullying. Some students may be finding schoolwork difficult, or having problems concentrating in class if others are noisy and disruptive, and then feeling stressed when it comes to exams. Not getting on with teachers, or feeling like you are labelled as ‘trouble’ may cause feelings of isolation, or receiving inappropriate comments from classmates or teachers. Any young person experiencing any of these problems, might find that it is affecting how they feel both when you’re at school and at home. The sooner support is sought, the less risk there is of falling into any deeper mental health or behavioural problems.

One to one coaching

An initial free consultation is offered with the young people, with or without a parent present. With parents’ consent (for a child under the age of 18), I can work 1-2-1 with young people to remove their current unhelpful emotions, albeit stress, worry, fear or depression, and work to improve their confidence. Teenage years can feel awkward and there may be a sense of not knowing where they fit in, along with all the other complications of being at school, college or university, whilst maintaining relationships.

"I have zero hesitation in recommending Helen Dos Santos and Horizons Coaching to companies or individuals"

Helen is a remarkable coach. She has recently helped a contact who was experiencing a range of anxiety problems. She has a really engaging approach and took the time to meet and understand the problems before committing any solution. Her warm professionalism made an instant connection and built the trust needed to have the help accepted – from somebody who was very skeptical of what could be achieved. Most amazing was watching the difference Helens intervention made; she has transformed the life of the individual, giving them renewed confidence to tackle life’s challenges with a totally new positive outlook. It’s been a remarkable journey. I have zero hesitation in recommending Helen Dos Santos and Horizons Coaching to companies or individuals who are seeking to make a change.

Tony Shields, CEO, Crystal Legal
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